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Why Our Writing Stalls Part 3

If you are on deadline, and not coming up with any words to fill the paper, you are working with the third problem involved in completing a writing assignment and that problem is STRESS. In this modern world, we are surrounded by stress. Physical, mental and creative stress can build a road block to creativity. Certain amount of stress are good for the mind and body; but overload your mind and everything shuts down. Your creativity will hit a brick wall. Try as you will, nothing travels from the brain to your fingers.

The secret is to control the stress in your life. Deal with the stressors and you have some control over yourself.  You then have the power to accept or reject the stress brought on by other people's problems. My mother stressed for months of the Affordable Health Care Act and how it was going to cause her to lose her doctors, medications and health services.

No matter what I said, she maintained a high degree of anxiety and stress over what might happen. One day, my words sunk in and she realized that she was on Medicare ... She had medical insurance, along with a supplement and medication coverage ... at least for now. She wasn't affected by the new health insurance laws. At last she relaxed. While she allowed this worry to influence her health, peace of mind and anxiety levels, she didn't stop to think that she had no control over this situation and move on the things she could control.
If we as writers learn that we can't stop a turning windmill and move on to problems we can cure, our mind would relax and the writing will begin to flow once again. In other words, when we sit down to write, disconnect from the problems of daily life and simply write.

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