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Why our Writing Stalls Part 1

I have noticed in recent weeks that my writing has stalled. It isn't Writer's Block, I am writing, but I keep getting side tracked, stuck on a story or generally not making progress. I hope this five part series will other writers burst out of a rut and move forward with various projects.

         There are times when I avoid the computer or find myself sitting, staring at the screen and shouting, ‘It’s not working!’ For some reason my mind and fingers just refuse to play with the key board.
          Recently, I read an article from a body building website and realized that some of the problems athletes have with their progress can be reflected with those of us who write. Of course, the athletes are active, burning a lot of energy and we tend to sit quietly in front of a computer and type. However, in many instances, we have the same problem ... MAKING PROGRESS!
          Our first problem is that WE EAT TOO MUCH. At this point I am not even considering the recent holidays and all the fine foods devoured between Halloween and New Years. I am talking about the daily blunders found in our eating habits. It is so easy to reach down into my bottom desk drawer and take out a handful of trail mix or energy bar. Ice cream for dessert makes for a tasty end of a good meal. Of course, there are also the old standbys of beer, chips, pizza and soda. All rich is calories and we working so hard sitting at a desk forget that we are not burning the calories we consume. 
Remember, just because the carton reads, "NO SUGAR ADDED" doesn't mean you aren't going to add pounds to your body. Calories are calories and the unused ones go to the middle and saved as fat. You can gain weight eating healthy...it's called OVEREATING.
          Overeating and the added weight gain makes writing difficult. Our minds as well as our bodies become sluggish. It is hard to think of that perfect opening paragraph that will skyrocket us to fame and fortune. The mind can't think and the body can't move.
          The answer is to clean up the diet...bake, broil and boil...cut back on the snacks and drinks that provide no health benefits and consider how much we eat. Get out and walk to burn off the excess, then sit down and feel the energy travel from your mind to your fingers and the words begin to appear on the screen!    

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