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Sherman Davis is a mild manner corporate lawyer, married to a beautiful, but demanding woman. Lenora rules his life with an iron fist, lives her life the way she wishes. Educated, she works part time, low income jobs,  to have the freedom to socialize whenever and with whomever she wishes.
One afternoon, Sherman is following his wife through the local mall when a puppet in a toy store catches his eye. Stopping, he studies the creature and is surprised when it speaks to him.
Talon has been around for hundreds of years. At one time he was a powerful dragon, but was cursed by a witch and is now a toy. Destroyed time and time again by children and adults, he returns as a stuffed animal to suffer humiliation and torture for eternity. He seeks a friend and Sherman is a very good candidate.
Thus begins the Journey of a meek and mild man and a wise stuffed dragon named Talon. Sherman discovers many things about himself as Talon become his best friend.  


A widow has had very bad with lovers and husbands. She stands over the grave of her sixth spouse. Her grieving is interrupted by a man stepping out of a mist. He taunts her with stories of her past and promises of her future. She discovers her plans after the funeral are delayed and she spends time each day at the grave talking to her new friend. Due to the will, she is forced to take into her home then new owner of the foundry once owned by her husband. She sets her sites on him in order to reclaim money she believes should be hers. As they say...the best laid plans of mice and men. 


The story begins in the 1600's and continues through today. Princess Selene of the Woodlands holds an All Hallows Eve ball once a decade. Sir William of the Highlands accepts the invitation in the hope of gaining favor and rising to power in court. He discovers the life changing event is not power or wealth, but death and darkness.
The adventure continues in modern day when Winston Taylor, a descendant of William, continues the quest to find William, Selene and her minions. His mission ... kill them. He is specially trained, but will he survive?
A year after returning to his gypsy homed and having reclaimed his Gypsy name, Nikoli, must now fight the only survivor from Selene's castle. Good and Evil meet once again and there can be only 1 survivor.

An Anthology of poetry, prose, essays, fiction and other musings
Created by the Carlinville Writers Guild

Once Again twenty-two writers contributed the all new anthology for the Carlinville Writers Guild. I contributed three stories, Bad Girl, Lunch With The Devil, and We Will Never Forget. Three different stories with one think in common. The pages tell three simple stories with that added bit of 'Spark of Darkness" I enjoy so well. Several genres are represented thanks to the various personalities found in the book. 

An Anthology of poetry, prose, essays, fiction and other musings
Created by the Carlinville Writers Guild

As one of twenty-two writers. John presents three short stories of three different Genre's. The writings cover all areas of life, fact and fiction.
Enjoy three of John's lighter works along with the efforts of the other writers.
Copies are available through John or from Amazon.com. E-book is not available at this time.


Travel down the rabbit hole once again and explore the possibilities that are found in Dark Dreams. Here you will find 17 short stories for the person who can't sleep at night or need a reason to sleep with a light on. John has once again created a collection of men, myth and monsters found in the past and present to entertain the reader who enjoyed the suspense science fiction and horror stories found in Tales from the Crypt, Outer Limits and Twilight Zone.
John has outdone himself by making this book available in soft and hard cover. Currently available through Well Read Press, Amazon and Kindle. You can also order Dark Dreams through the Barnes and Noble and Books-a-Million web sites.


This is an E-short story fantasy adventure.
Travelers from our dimension have the ability
to sleep and find themselves in another world. A world of action and
adventure. A group of "Travelers" band together to protect
the people of this ancient world from bandits, and creatures of the night.
They stumble upon a creature knows as "The Widows" and battle
for the survival of this world, only to discover that their world
may also be in danger.
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     This is an e-short story taking place in an unknown kingdom that has had peace for     many years. Now, there are a group of rebels trying to overthrow the current government. A member of the Royal Guard is sent on a mission to kill the Colonial Leader at a secret meeting, however, it is a trap and he kills the Colonial General's daughter, she is also his fiancé. He vows vengeance to avenge the death of his love and to restore honor to himself and the Royal Guard. WARNING: This particular story contains graphic violence.
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An Anthology

Edited by John Smith, the book contains 18 stories by writes from across the country exploring their concept of a dark and stormy night. Meet mythical creatures, monsters from nightmares, cold blooded killers and others as you explore the inner workings of a mind that fears the thunder and lightening found within.
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A Paranormal Short Story
By John W. Smith



John Smith takes you on a twisted ride through the macabre. Each tale is a glimpse into the dark corners of a madman's mind.  ―Kat Perry, author of The Calm
I love John Smith’s short stories … I like to read a story while I’m in the waiting room, or at the store waiting for my wife. Deliciously scary.LarryDeKay, author of
An Author’s Guide to Book Fairs
Nightmares of a Madman by John W. Smith is a collection of seventeen short stories that explore the dark side of the mind. After you read them,you might want to sleep with the light burning in your room, or feel the unbridled temptation to look under your bed. From fantasy to horror, the stories are surprising and entertaining. As Smith reminds us in his tales of terror―the darkness is often hidden behind the light. Look closely in the eyes of the neighbor or co-worker who is always smiling and appears to be normal. Are they hiding a dark and terrible secret? Meet the inhabitants of this collection, with their curtains drawn, so no one can see inside … when they have visitors does anyone see them leave? Nightmares of a Madman is for the reader who loves a Twilight Zone-style story told in the best traditions of Rod Serling. Available at Amazon, Kindle or direct from John. You can also order the book through the Barnes and Noble and Books A Million web sites.

WORDS An Anthology of Short Writings Created by The Highland League of Writers Charles “Chuck” Schwend, co-founder of the writers group, coordinated the creation and production of this collection of forty-one stories/poems written by eleven members of the writers group. The collection of writings includes a travel log,children’s stories, poetry, dark writings and more. John contributed four stories to the anthology, published in 2011.
This anthology is currently out of print, a limited number of copies are available
 directly thru John.