About Wellread Press
Established in 2013 as an independent small publisher, Well Read Press holds its focus on horror and dark fiction.  Interests include vampires, were-creatures, and serial killers. Please note Vampires do not sparkle! WRP will consider horror fiction, and paranormal romance. There are no boundaries. We don’t want blood for blood’s sake and gore should be a part of the story, not just there for shock value. WRP will consider regular science fiction and other genre, but we will focus on the darker side of life. If you write in the vein of Twilight Zone, The Dark Side, Tales from the Crypt, etcetera, you have our interest. Single author books of short stories, novella, and novels are welcome for consideration. Well Read Press does not seek unsolicited manuscripts. Please query first as we are a small organization.
Wellread Press
12603 State Route 143 Suite G #42
Highland, Illinois 62249