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Book signing last saturday

I attended a multi-writer book signing last Saturday. It was a fun day, not that many shoppers, thanks to the St. Louis area heat, but there was plenty of excitement as writers showed their latest books and talked about research, publishers and writing in general. There was one non-fiction writer (published several Route 66 books), one romance writer and the rest of us fall somewhere between paranormal and dark fiction.
A few old friends stopped by to say hello.

On a not so happy note, I had to cancel my trip and speaking engagement in Louisville this weekend.

Expanded circulation for Dark Dreams

Although Dark Dreams has been on Kindle since the end of May, I discovered today that it is now listed on Amazon.com as a soft cover book. It will be listed in the upcoming catalog from Ingram Sparks and will be available to local book stores. Your reviews on Amazon will always be welcome. Remember, in Dark Dreams, there are no happy endings.

Things are on the move

The upcoming months are going to be busy. I am looking forward to several upcoming events and speaking opportunities. For those living in the area...
There will be a multi-author book signing at BSR Books in Granite City from 1pm to 4 pm on Saturday August 8th.
I will be speaking in Louisville, KY, at the At the National Literary Habitat on August 15th. This is a one day multi speaker workshop focusing on Completing your First Draft and How to Edit Your Own Work.http://www.nationalliteraryhabitat.com/

Upcoming workshop

The creaters of the Business of Writing International Summit will not hold their three day conference this year. Instead, they have createdThe Literary Habitat, a  non-profit organization designed to provide education, support and the ability to meet and link with other new and established writers. Their motto write - learn - and connectwill provide ideas, knowledge and inspire attendees to improve and market their work.
The first workshop titled,YOUR FIRST DRAFT & HOW TO EDIT YOUR OWN WORK

Route 66 celebration

Once again, I am late in mentioning the Route 66 celebration and grand re-opening of the Afterwords Book Store. The event took place June 14th, however, after it took two days to post photos, I couldn't get on the blog section. Oh well, I made it today.
There were three writers from our Highland group. The crowd was sparse due to a lot of rain, but the dozen or so writers met, talked and a few sold some books. I considered the afternoon a success. Anytime I can meet fellow readers and writers makes for a good day.

Been a While

There has been a lot of activity around the Smith homestead since my last post.  I announced the release of Dark Dreams and haven’t posted since. It certainly doesn’t seem like it has been three months, but life can be hectic at times.
Since my last post, Dark Dreams has been uploaded to Kindle. The books are selling, but will not make it to the New York Times Best Seller List…ha ha ha
It has been a busy spring. I have attended a few book signings. The third weekend of March, I served on three panels at the Mid-South Con in Memphis Tennessee.

Dark Dreams is in print

I received copies of Dark Dreams this morning. I want to thank Lori Perkins and her team at Absolute Printing for helping bring the stories into print. I chose to try something new for my third book. I had soft cover and Case Bound (hard back books) copies. For those who would like to see how the book looks. check out my storefront website at:

I look forward to hearing from everyone about the cover.

Dark Dreams becoming a reality

I have given final approval for the printing of Dark Dreams. The book will be printed in soft and hard cover books. In upcoming months it will be available on Kindle and Amazon.
I am looking forward to seeing the book in print. There have been some minor glitches in the production of the book, but everything was approved today and it will go to the printer within the next twenty four hours.
Once again, I wrote a series of dark fiction stories. Now comes the challenge. My goal is to write something different.

Goals for the new year

Welcome to 2015
I hope everyone created their writing goals for the new year. Notice I said GOALS and not RESOLUTIONS.
My goals for 2015 are very aggressive and it will be an ongoing challenge to meet the twelve objectives before December 31, 2015. I have plans to write a minimum of twenty (20) short stories, speak at two writing workshops (minimum), locate an area book fair and apply for a table and possibly speak next year. Concentrate on starting and completing a 50,000 word Romance Novella, expand other works and submit selected short stories to various magazines for publication.

Happy Holidays

Time has flown. I thought I had posted something for November and earlier this month, but alas, there is nothing in the blog or pending. Once again, Old Age has led me astray!
I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
December has been an interesting month. I attended a function in Collinsville on the 6th that included 7 writers and 15 arts and crafts people. Books were sold and bought along with a Christmas Ornament that included the legend for the object, a Christmas Spider.