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Happy Birthday Barkley P. Howl

My faithful companion...Barkley P. Howl...turned 11years old a few days ago. He is a 70 pound Basset Hound that has provided inspiration for several short stories as well as my shadow around the house.
He is showing his age. Not so much tri-colored as he is grey, can't jump up  on the bed anymore, he needs help. The furniture in the living room no longer requires pillows and other blockades to keep the cushions in tack and dog-hair free.

  A special gift.

Gail Johnston published a book on abuse

Gail Johnston, a member of the Carlinville Writer's Guild, held her book launch last Saturday. Titled,The Journey of Survival in Apple Creek Farm,is her first traditionally published work. She has self published a book of poems and a children's book.  
I was fortunate to be invited to her book launch in Chatham, Illinois and was one of 25 people in attendance. Gail talked about her travels from poet to novelist and from self-published to finding a publisher to produce her non-fiction novel on escaping an abusive relationship.

Carlinville Writers celebrate official launch of All the Write Stuff

The Carlinville Writers Guild met at the local library on Saturday, January 30. There were seventeen members and three new guests in attendance. A group photo was taken celebrating the official launch of the anthology,The Write Stuff, in Carlinville. Many contributors wore their anthology Tee-shirts celebrating the book, while others wore the Carlinville Writers Guild official Tee-shirt "I make Stuff Up".
In addition to the photos taken, most of the members read their challenge concerning

Local Author speaks to writers Group

Maggie Adams spoke to the Ocular Voices Writers Group Thursday, January 21 at the Books A Million Bookstore in Edwardsville, Illinois. Maggie is a local author of four romance novels with an erotic edge.
Ms. Adams was full of energy and excited members of the writers group with her enthusiasm as she described her first venture into publishing. She explained that promoting your book should begin long before the it is ready to go to press.
Her books are found on Amazon. com and Kindle books. Maggie used a variety of resources to layout and design her interior material, book cover and promotional material.

Year End Wrap-Up

As 2015 comes to an end, I look back and see a successful year in my personal and writing life. My 2015 goals were not all met, but they weren't supposed to be, always plan for more than you can do, it keeps you motivated.
I did getDark Dreamspublished this year after many unexpected challenges. My big challenge for 2016 is to complete and publish my first novella or novel, depending on the word count,Castle of Nightwill be submitted to traditional publishers for possible publication. It will be interesting to begin my education with publishing houses.

Catching up

I'm still playing catch-up. My last post was in August. I just don't know where the time goes. I keep telling myself that I will spend more time updating my blog and website, but for some reason, I run out of day before I can get to it.
It has been a busy three months. I had planned to speak at a conference in Louisville not long after my previous post, but had to cancel due to my mother's declining health. Since then, I have stayed close to home. I have had a few book-signings. Most recently  a local authors book festival at the Latzer Memorial Library in Highland on November 3rd.

Book signing last saturday

I attended a multi-writer book signing last Saturday. It was a fun day, not that many shoppers, thanks to the St. Louis area heat, but there was plenty of excitement as writers showed their latest books and talked about research, publishers and writing in general. There was one non-fiction writer (published several Route 66 books), one romance writer and the rest of us fall somewhere between paranormal and dark fiction.
A few old friends stopped by to say hello.

On a not so happy note, I had to cancel my trip and speaking engagement in Louisville this weekend.

Expanded circulation for Dark Dreams

Although Dark Dreams has been on Kindle since the end of May, I discovered today that it is now listed on Amazon.com as a soft cover book. It will be listed in the upcoming catalog from Ingram Sparks and will be available to local book stores. Your reviews on Amazon will always be welcome. Remember, in Dark Dreams, there are no happy endings.

Things are on the move

The upcoming months are going to be busy. I am looking forward to several upcoming events and speaking opportunities. For those living in the area...
There will be a multi-author book signing at BSR Books in Granite City from 1pm to 4 pm on Saturday August 8th.
I will be speaking in Louisville, KY, at the At the National Literary Habitat on August 15th. This is a one day multi speaker workshop focusing on Completing your First Draft and How to Edit Your Own Work.http://www.nationalliteraryhabitat.com/

Upcoming workshop

The creaters of the Business of Writing International Summit will not hold their three day conference this year. Instead, they have createdThe Literary Habitat, a  non-profit organization designed to provide education, support and the ability to meet and link with other new and established writers. Their motto write - learn - and connectwill provide ideas, knowledge and inspire attendees to improve and market their work.
The first workshop titled,YOUR FIRST DRAFT & HOW TO EDIT YOUR OWN WORK