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End of another year
Caseyville Local Author Market
St. Louis Indie Book far was a great day
October Greeting
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End of another year

This year is coming to an end. I attended my last author's signing on Saturday in Collinsville Illinois, ending my year on a high note. Sold six book during the event. A great way to end the season. 
I enjoy the signing at the Collinsville Library. I see friends there twice a year and catch up on everyone writing progress. This is a very active artist and authors event as people from surrounding communities come it to shop. 
As 2018 comes to an end, I have my goals set for next year. Spirit Dagger a short story I am converting in to a novel is coming along.

Caseyville Local Author Market

I will be participating in the First Annual Local Author Market at the Caseyville Library. Located off Hwy 157. There will be several authors attending along with at least one writer/editor. 
The event will run from 11 am until 3 pm. Books make great gifts anytime of the year, but with Christmas just around the corner, why not give a friend or family an adventure into another world. Let them experience fun and adventure. Books expand knowledge and imagination. 
Stop by and meet local writers and give your support by encouraging them to continue writing and who knows.

St. Louis Indie Book far was a great day

Attended the St. Louis Indie Book Fair on Saturday, November 3. It was a fun day. There was no heat in the building, but that didn't slow down the fifty or so writers, publishers and editors attending the event. 
It was good to see several people once again and talk about current projects and successes over the past year. The crowd was a bit sparce, but people would stop and talk about what we wrote and where we get ideas, find time to write and how we publish. 
This was my third year at this event, and it becomes more enjoyable each year.

October Greeting

Fall has arrived...at last. I was beginning to have my doubts as temperatures were in the 80's and 90's last week. I am so glad the cooler temperatures have arrived, although I may be very sad by the time spring arrives. Only time will tell. 
It took a while, but I have recovered from Penned Con and am on the waiting list for a table when someone cancels for next year. They sold out in only one day. My fault for being so slow. 
Barkley is enjoying the change in weather, he sat on the patio last night and this morning enjoying the fresh air.

Fall Greetings

Happy Fall to one and All.

I just realized it has been 11 months since anything has been posted to my blog. I must take the blame for the lack of writing. This has been a difficult year, but productive. I caught the flu on Christmas Day. Some days I thought I was going to die…other days I wish I would, but I eventually began to feel human around the end of February. I have yet to get my strength back, but I am working on it.
In March, I fell on a concrete inclined ramp. I messed up the left side of my face from temple down to my chin and was concerned enough that I went to the eye doctor to make sure I had no damage to my eyes, and to the dentist to make sure I didn’t crack a tooth or a bone in my mouth.

Guest Blogger

Destiny Fritz is a writer and local editor. She is a member of the Editeers editing group located in Southern Illinois. She recently posted this blog to her own site, and I found it interesting. Ror those non fiction writers, or those writing about their own life may find this interesting, and for those "Plotters" who love to create a detailed past about their characters should find this helpful.....I hope you enjoy this posting on writing a memoir.

Everyone has a story.

It’s true.  Some people have many stories, but everybody has at least one.

Good News

Penned Con 2017 was a blast. The 150 plus participants and the guests that visited during the weekend made the event action packed. I reunited with several writers from the past and made new friends with a variety of writers, editors and small press publishers. The event is already in the planning stages for 2018 and I have my table reserved. 
I did discover that I would be a rich man at the moment if I wrote romance (sweet, erotic or paranormal), however, I write dark fiction and now must continue to produce words on paper in the hopes of better sales next year.

Sela Carson Presented

Sela Carson, fantasy and paranormal writer presented Fairy Tail Structures in writing at the Ocular Voices regular meeting on Thursday, August 31st. She provided the background and structure of fairy tails and how this structure can be used in any type of fiction writing. It included Character Archetypes, and the sequence in which certain actions must take place before the story continues. I believe she will be speaking at ARCHON in Collinsville the end of the month. It is well worth the time attend her presentation. 

guest blog

Happy Eclipse Everyone. Tomorrow is the big day and the weatherman is saying that the St. Louis area may be under clouds ... after all the hype, and horror stories that have floated through my mind, it may all be for nothing...ha ha ha
Today, I would like to introduce everyone to Ms. Sandra Maue, an up and coming editor for fiction writers. I hope to have her back again soon......
I can recommend this young lady as an editor. I have used her and although we argued, and I lost most of the time...she is fantastic.

Weather isn't bad for August or writing

This is a strange summer...first week of August in southern Illinois, and it is the 60's. No one seems to be complaining, me included. The humidity is still bad, but we can all live with it since it is cool.
I know...just a little over a month since my last post. I fell behind again. Life just doesn't seem to cut anyone a break, me included. But I am writing with two pieces of news.
First: For those in the Illinois/Missouri bi-state region, Sela Carson, a fantasy / dark fiction romance writer will be speaking on August 31st at the Books-A-Million book store in Edwardsville, Illinois from 6 to 8 pm.