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Weather isn't bad for August or writing


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Guest Blogger

Destiny Fritz is a writer and local editor. She is a member of the Editeers editing group located in Southern Illinois. She recently posted this blog to her own site, and I found it interesting. Ror those non fiction writers, or those writing about their own life may find this interesting, and for those "Plotters" who love to create a detailed past about their characters should find this helpful.....I hope you enjoy this posting on writing a memoir.

Everyone has a story.

It’s true.  Some people have many stories, but everybody has at least one.

Good News

Penned Con 2017 was a blast. The 150 plus participants and the guests that visited during the weekend made the event action packed. I reunited with several writers from the past and made new friends with a variety of writers, editors and small press publishers. The event is already in the planning stages for 2018 and I have my table reserved. 
I did discover that I would be a rich man at the moment if I wrote romance (sweet, erotic or paranormal), however, I write dark fiction and now must continue to produce words on paper in the hopes of better sales next year.

Sela Carson Presented

Sela Carson, fantasy and paranormal writer presented Fairy Tail Structures in writing at the Ocular Voices regular meeting on Thursday, August 31st. She provided the background and structure of fairy tails and how this structure can be used in any type of fiction writing. It included Character Archetypes, and the sequence in which certain actions must take place before the story continues. I believe she will be speaking at ARCHON in Collinsville the end of the month. It is well worth the time attend her presentation. 

guest blog

Happy Eclipse Everyone. Tomorrow is the big day and the weatherman is saying that the St. Louis area may be under clouds ... after all the hype, and horror stories that have floated through my mind, it may all be for nothing...ha ha ha
Today, I would like to introduce everyone to Ms. Sandra Maue, an up and coming editor for fiction writers. I hope to have her back again soon......
I can recommend this young lady as an editor. I have used her and although we argued, and I lost most of the time...she is fantastic.

Weather isn't bad for August or writing

This is a strange summer...first week of August in southern Illinois, and it is the 60's. No one seems to be complaining, me included. The humidity is still bad, but we can all live with it since it is cool.
I know...just a little over a month since my last post. I fell behind again. Life just doesn't seem to cut anyone a break, me included. But I am writing with two pieces of news.
First: For those in the Illinois/Missouri bi-state region, Sela Carson, a fantasy / dark fiction romance writer will be speaking on August 31st at the Books-A-Million book store in Edwardsville, Illinois from 6 to 8 pm.

It is great to be back

Greetings to everyone who has been patient during my absence. I apologize for not posting, but have not been ignoring everyone. I have been bombarded with a great many personal challenges the past two years. I spent the last couple years taking care of my Mom and from August 2016 until March 2017 I was a stay at home caregiver.
Providing 24 hour care requires strength and patience far beyond I ever considered, however, I was able to care for her and because of my attention, she was able to remain in the home until her passing.

Summer is here...don't forget to write

Summer has arrived. Especially in the Mid-West. We had heat indexes in the triple digits the end of June, and now it is in the comfortable 70's and 80's. Yard work takes a priority every week for a couple days, but everything is looking great.
I am still in the process of editingCastle of Night. My critique partner and I have had some conflicts in recent weeks and haven't been able to meet. But I am hoping we can finish before the holiday season.
In addition, I am working on a romance novel.

St. Louis Indie Book Fair

The second annual St. Louis Indie Book Fair took place Saturday, May 7, 2016, at the main branch of the St. Louis Public Library. There were 40 writers of various genres invited to attend. Among the group were two publishers, a book cover designer, non-fiction, fiction, romance and dark fiction representatives.
I was fortunate enough to sit next to a fellow Dark Fiction writer names Jason Nugent. We promoted each others books and became friends.
The organizer of the St. Louis Indie Book Fair is planning for the 2017 event, along with other writer events this year.

St. Louis Indie Book Fair

The second annual St. Louis Indie Book Fair will take place on Saturday, May 7th from 10:00 am until 5:00 on at the St. Louis Public Library in downtown St. Louis. It is located at 1301 Olive Street.
I will be one of forty writers participating in the event. The main branch of the library has been remodeled and updated and is an exciting place to explore, not only books but pieces of history for the bi-state area.
In addition to selling my three books and signing autographs, I will also be reading one of the stories from

Happy Birthday Barkley P. Howl

My faithful companion...Barkley P. Howl...turned 11years old a few days ago. He is a 70 pound Basset Hound that has provided inspiration for several short stories as well as my shadow around the house.
He is showing his age. Not so much tri-colored as he is grey, can't jump up  on the bed anymore, he needs help. The furniture in the living room no longer requires pillows and other blockades to keep the cushions in tack and dog-hair free.

  A special gift.
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